New 'Enterprise' and 'Insurrection' Reviews Posted

By Michelle
August 4, 2005 - 9:11 PM

New reviews of Star Trek: Enterprise: The Complete Second Season have been posted online, as well as a review of the Star Trek: Insurrection special edition that includes a contest to win a copy of the DVD.

  • Scott Kimball of Home Theater Forum is not a fan of the storylines of the fifth Star Trek show's sophomore season, but he notes that "the A/V quality and collection of extras should please those who liked season one." He grew tired of Archer being held hostage and the crew running around in their skivvies, saying "much of the season is hard to stomach," though he liked "The Crossing", "Regeneration" and "First Flight." He very much liked the commentary on "Dead Stop" by Michael Sussman and Phyllis Strong but said that he skipped the Okudas' text commentary as the first season set contained too many spoilers for future episodes.

  • The Birmingham News protested that there was "not much boldness in [this] 'Trek' prequel", saying that "for every outstanding episode (and there were a few), there seemed to be twice as many eye-rolling groaners." Reviewer Kenneth Carter found the extras insightful and appreciated the season finale, but said, "Stand out episodes like 'Cogenitor'...were marred with silly and embarrassing episodes like 'A Night in Sickbay,' where Capt. Archer pines over his sick dog as he becomes increasingly distracted with sexual fantasies about his curvaceous Vulcan first officer, T'Pol - eesh!"

  • Canada's Metro rated the set three out of five stars, saying that Enterprise retained the space opera structure of Star Trek so it was hard to explain why so many fans had abandoned it. "Week by week, the intrepid spaceship and its alien interlopers circled each other with the overheated demeanour you'd expect from rich in-laws, or the staff at a fancy hospital," noted reviewer Rick McGinnis.

  •, Media Gab and Blogcritics have also written up the DVD set.

Monsters and Critics has a somewhat more positive review of Star Trek: Insurrection, saying that the film "would have made a cracking two-parter for the TV show instead of what seems to be a little on the lacklustre movie side of things." The extras, however, make it worth owning this two-disc set: deleted scenes "worthy of your time, including an alternative ending", and "'The Anatomy of a Stunt', which sadly was a sequence not used in the finished movie, but worthy of itís inclusion here." The site is having a promotion along with Paramount Home Entertainment to win the DVD set.

In other Trek DVD news, TV Shows on DVD has confirmed the season four release date for Star Trek: Enterprise on DVD to be November 1st, 2005.

Star Trek: Enterprise: The Complete Second Season and Star Trek: Insurrection: Special Collector's Edition are both available from

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