'Andromeda' Bullets

By Christian
August 4, 2000 - 11:59 PM

Here's the weekly summary of news items from SlipstreamNews, TrekToday's sister site dedicated to 'Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda'. Simply click on the headlines to read more:

  • SlipstreamWeb Robert Hewitt Wolfe Interview
    In this interview, former DS9 writer and 'Andromeda' head writer Robert Hewitt Wolfe reveals the full list of directors for the first 16 episodes of the show, and answers fan questions on everything from 'Andromeda' ship designs to conventions to the weather in Vancouver. Interestingly, the 'Andromeda' pilot will be directed by Trek veteran Allan Kroeker, who also helmed the DS9 finale.

  • Teaser Clips On Official Site
    Five early promo videos for 'Andromeda' have appeared on the official web site, giving us a first glimpse of characters such as Dylan Hunt and Trance Gemini, and a look at one of the ships in the series.

  • Sam Sorbo To Guest Star On Andromeda
    Sam Jenkins, the wife of Andromeda star Kevin Sorbo (Dylan Hunt) will be starring in an upcoming episode of 'Andromeda'.

  • Two Upcoming Kevin Sorbo Golf Tournaments
    And Sorbo will be taking part in two charity golf tournaments next month, one in Oregon, and one in North Carolina.

  • British Lexa Doig Article
    The English Dreamwatch Magazine recently ran an article on 'Andromeda', focusing mostly on Lexa Doig, who plays the starship in the film (or at least her human appearances). Doig appeared in the British series 'The New Professionals'.
Many more 'Andromeda' articles from the past few weeks can be found at SlipstreamNews, which is updated as soon as new info on the show appears. Also be sure to check out SlipstreamWeb for more info on the show, which you can then talk about at the Slipstream BBS.

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