More Philadelphia Convention Reports

By Christian
August 4, 2000 - 11:42 PM

Over at the Trek BBS, VoyagerLady13 has posted Part One of her report of the recent Slanted Fedora convention in Philadelphia. This part contains info on Saturday's events, including the appearance by Lolita Fatjo, Star Trek Script Coordinator, who provided several new Trek news items. Here's a summary:

  • There is NO news on the new series as of yet. NO decisions have yet been made, so it would appear the main premise itself is still being worked on by Berman and Braga.

  • The next movie will be with the TNG cast. Production will start in May or April, which ties in with Patrick Stewart's comments that the script needs to be finished by March 2001.

  • We will be seeing some story arcs this season.

  • There are no current plans to promote Harry Kim.

  • There will NEVER be a DS9 movie. Almost every set was destroyed, and DS9 sets are very expensive to build. It is possible we might see DS9 people in guest shots in the movie, on 'Voyager,' or in the new series, according to Fatjo.

Find more in the full report, which also contains info on the appearances by several of the cast members.

Meanwhile, the official Continuum has a report on the bomb scare which took place during the con, containing quotes from members of the Trek stunt team who volunteered to give their performance on the parking lot, in order to keep the convention going.

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