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An archive of Star Trek News

News Bullets

By Caillan
July 4, 2004 - 7:29 AM

  • Over at Television Without Pity, 'Keckler' has posted her snark-filled, tongue-in-cheek recap of The Next Generation's "Justice". Here's an excerpt:

    FloorCam stares up at Picard as his log VOs that they are going to visit an unusually lovely planet in the Rubicun system. Picard logs that Riker went down to have sex -- ahem, "make contact" -- and is on his way back with his homemade porn videos. Picard sits in his seat and addresses Troi next to him" "Riker says the life-forms are almost identical to us." "He sounded very enthusiastic --" Troi starts to say when she's interrupted by Dr. Beverly's thigh-length blue cardigan flapping into the room. Dr. Beverly apologizes. "The doctor has something very important to tell you, Captain," Troi smiles at Picard.

    Relieve the joys of the crew's interactions with the Edo here.

  • ABC's spin-off of The Practice, which stars William Shatner (James T. Kirk), has been renamed Boston Legal, Zap2it reported. The show was previously known as The Practice: Fleet Street. Thanks to 'Captain Joe' for this!

  • Enterprise's third-season finale, "Zero Hour" was given positive reviews by Starburst and Dreamwatch magazines. Starburst awarded the episode 5 stars, calling it "a fresh, frenetic ending to a very special season of Star Trek", while Dreamwatch gave "Zero Hour" a score of 8 out of 10. Thanks to Stephen for sending this in!

  • Nexense has developed sensor technology which "will lead to one of the first remote sensing devices that can provide readings from several feet away without physical contact", according to Wired News. The company has plans to develop a "vital sign detector" for use in hospitals. Thanks to Eston Melton for this!

  • Robert Picardo (the EMH) will be chatting live at on July 14 at 2:00 p.m. PST. To submit questions in advance, head over to this page.

  • The Vienna Boys' Choir has come under fire for wearing uniforms that look like Star Trek outfits. Read more at the Telegraph.

  • The Pakistan Daily Times reported that a Chinese Trek fan had plastic surgery to change his ears into the shape of Vulcan ears. The man was said to be "bored" with the normal shape of his ears.

  • The Age has posted an interview with actress Wendy Hughes, who played Neela Daren in TNG's "Lessons".

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