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By Lisa
July 5, 2002 - 12:37 AM

Hello World!

I found an excellent and indispensible guide to watching Wimbledon. Well, if you're a Tim Henman fan anyway.

The British number one is notorious for his rather patchy and very inconsitent performances, which makes watching him play a seriously nail-biting experience.

Thankfully, the BBC came up with some suggestions for making things easier, such as:

When fury grips you like a vice as Henman loses his serve to take the match into a fifth set, let it go.
Tim feels the pressure against Michel Kratochvil Don't lose it. Use it.
You've wanted to knock the living-room into the kitchen for some time. Now's your chance.
Pick up a sledgehammer and, every time Tim misses a winner, let out a maniacal scream and smash away at the brickwork.
Win or lose, by the end of the day you've got the open-plan house you always dreamed of.

That and other ingenious suggestions can be found here at the BBC Winbledon web site.

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