News Bullets

By Christian
July 4, 2000 - 10:43 PM

  • Mr. Video Productions has updated his Voyager page with three high-quality screenshots from 'Unimatrix Zero', showing the three new Borg members. The shots were taken from UPN's digital feed, so of higher quality than the shots from VHS sources that appeared online a few weeks ago.

  • The Official Jeri Lynn Ryan Fan Club is currently accepting material for the next issue of Jeriology, their newsletter. All Jeri fans, so not just fan club members, are encouraged to contribute articles, photos and artwork for potential inclusion. More info can be found here at their site.

  • is currently selling 2 types of Star Trek floor display sets that were previously only available for book store, one containing copies of all four 'Invasion' novels and one containing just the DS9 and Voyager 'Invasion' novels. I'm not quite sure what you'd possibly want to do with 18 identical books in a display, but if that is actually what your wildest dreams are made of you now have the opportunity to make them come true. Thanks go out to Matthew Klaehn at Media Trek for this!

  • Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) will be appearing on tomorrow's edition of 'Regis & Kathie Lee' on ABC. Thanks go out to BORG for this!

  • John Cook at the Sev Wide Web has posted a rather alarming message - the site needs to increase its page views or risk losing its sponsor, which means he wouldn't be able to keep the site running anymore. Info on several ways in which you can help Keep Sev Alive can be found here. Sev Trek's sponsor is, which also sponsors TrekToday.

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