Julia Houston On Spaceships That Look Cool

By Christian
July 4, 2000 - 10:12 PM

Over at About.com's Star Trek Fans, Julia Houston has put up this week's new article, looking at why some spaceships look great and some don't:

What is it, really, that makes some spaceships look like you really could use them to fly around the universe, beat the tar out of the bad guys, and even make yourself appealing to aliens of the -- hopefully -- desirable sex? And what is it that makes other ships look like your bother and his friends slapped it together out of old bicycle parts?

It's not just money, and it's not just digital imaging, or lack of it. It's more than having visible guns, and it's not aerodynamics. It's not just style, and it's not just sentimentality.

Of course, it's a combination of these elements, and, of course, to be really good, a ship design has to make sense to us as a spaceship, without just caving in to scientific demands.

More on this can be found in the full article. Also available at the site are reader reviews of Unimatrix Zero and Scorpion, while the Most Popular Drinks at Quark's list has been updated with a few items, including one from yours truly referencing back to a classic TOS moment.

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