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By Michelle
June 4, 2004 - 8:54 PM

  • The Star Trek: Voyager featurette "Designing Voyager" which comes on the Region 2 DVD release is available for Region 1 viewers as a Best Buy exclusive. Thanks to numerous readers who sent this in.

  • TrekWeb reports that the Star Trek: Enterprise season finale, "Zero Hour", brought in more viewers than last year's finale, "The Expanse."

  • However, The New York Post has printed that TNT beat Enterprise network UPN in demographic ratings during sweeps month, a very rare instance of a cable network beating a broadcast network in prime time.

  • James Darren is raising money for the Children's Burn Foundation with an eBay auction of the actual "Vic Fontaine" sign used on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

  • CBS reports that because Kim Cattrall (Valeris) has said no to a Sex and the City movie, HBO has dropped its plans for a feature film.

  • Jim Lowe, the art director for Star Trek: New Voyages, reports that Eugene Roddenberry Jr. was interviewed by NBC affiliate WPTZ in New York and said, "The Roddenberry name has to be attached to this. It's the closest thing to Star Trek since the original series."

  • Creation has released a DVD of highlights from Grand Slam 2004, featuring numerous Trek actors including Shatner and Nimoy, Spiner, Keating, Picardo and others.

  • Creation will also have its last scheduled "sci-fi supersale" this Sunday, June 6th, at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Anaheim, California, with up to 70% off retail on items from Star Trek, Stargate, Xena, Buffy, Star Wars, Andromeda, Farscape and more, including autographed photos.

  • Psi Phi has reported that Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's second volume will be delayed until January 2005.

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