Paramount Opens 'Voyager' Emmy Site

By Christian
June 4, 2001 - 11:57 PM

This week, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences began mailing out nominating ballots for the annual Emmy Awards. In an effort to win votes for its many television productions, Paramount has opened a dedicated 'For Your Consideration' site, including a special section for Star Trek: Voyager.

The web site opens with a Flash animation of the Voyager cast bouncing around the screen, and includes two video clips for judges to look at. One of the clips is clearly intended to win a nomination in one of the technical categories, showing the alien cityscape from 'Workforce.' The other is more character-oriented, showing a dramatic conversation between Janeway and Seven from 'Imperfection.'

UPN 'Frasier' Ad - copyright UPN The Voyager sub-site is part of a larger Emmy Site at, which also features sections on several other high-profile shows from the studio. In addition to the site, Paramount has taken out both print and internet ads to promote its shows, including the above Frasier ad that has been running on It is not known whether the studio has taken out similar ads for Voyager.

The Emmy Awards are the United States' most prestigious awards for television programming, comparable to the Oscars for movies. They are voted on by the members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, who received nominating ballots this week. Nominees for this year's awards will be announced on the 12th of July, while the actual awards will be presented during a ceremony on the 16th of September.

Voyager, along with all other Star Trek series, has usually only been able to achieve Emmy success in the so-called technical categories. Last year it was nominated for Costuming, Hairstyling, Makeup, Music Composition, Sound Editing and Special Visual Effects. Since the show launched in 1995, it has won a total of four Emmys, including Best Main Title Theme and Best Visual Effects for 'Dark Frontier.'

In 1994, a large marketing push by Paramount managed to land Star Trek: The Next Generation a nomination for Best Drama Series for its seventh season. Since then, Star Trek has never been nominated in one of the high-profile categories such as Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Directing or Outstanding Actor.

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