'Insurrection' Region 2 DVD News

By Christian
June 4, 2000 - 11:42 PM

Andy Cobley at the R2 Project has put up a review of 'Insurrection', which will be released in Region 2 (Europe) tomorrow. Though acknowledging that the DVD, as many other Paramount releases, doesn't shine in the extra features are, Cobley notes that in the presentation of the actual film they did a very good job:

After the first batch of Paramount films we knew that audio-visual performance we upper most in the minds of Paramount for their Region 2 disks. "Star Trek: Insurrection" does nothing to dispel this idea, quite honestly the picture on this disk is nothing short of stunning. Presented in anamorphic 2.35:1 widescreen the picture is pin sharp with a wonderful display of bright colours. With a transfer this good there is plenty of detail in the shadows and blacks are rock solid. Special effects scenes in space are full of detail and look as good as they did on the big screen. As ever the DD 5.1 mix is active and dramatic with plenty of split surround effects rattling around the room, try chapter 22 for some room shaking bass effects.

For the full review, please follow this link.

Meanwhile, the Great Link is reporting that the DVD is already at #2 in the 'Top 30 DVDs This Week' of online retailer BlackStar, where the DVD can be pre-ordered.

Finally, British site DVD Web is running a contest in which they're giving away five copies of the DVD.

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