'Elite Force II' Demo Now Out

By Caillan
May 4, 2003 - 7:13 AM

'Elite Force II-  copyright Paramount Pictures Activision this weekend debuted the pre-release demo of Star Trek: Elite Force II.

The 118MB demo, which includes two of the missions available in the full game, is available for download from ST-EF2.com. Players will be able to have their first chance at combating the "Exomorph creatures" in the demo.

Level one takes place at the Attrexian station where the player, as Hazard Team leader Lieutenant Alexander Munro, must search for survivors from the USS Dallas, which has been recently attacked by the Exomorphs. The second level continues the story at an Attrexian colony, as Munro and the other Hazard Team strive to protect the Attrexians against the Exomorphs.

Weapons available to players in these levels include the Federation Assault Rifle, an Enhanced Compression Rifle and the Attrexian Arc Launcher. This final weapon discharges electric energy, and in a secondary mode is able to ignite clouds of gas to create an "electrical storm of explosive energy".

These two single-player maps featured in the demo are part of the 70 maps included in Star Trek: Elite Force II, which is twice as long as its predecessor, Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force. The complete game includes 11 missions, 13 different environments and 14 advanced weapons.

The demo requires 128MB of RAM, a Pentium III 600 or Athlon processor, a 3D Hardware Accelerator Card and 200MB of free disk space to run. The full list of system requirements can be found in the demo's readme file. To download the demo, head over to the official Elite Force II web site. Alternatively, Ritualistic has posted a full list of mirrors.

Star Trek: Elite Force II will be released on June 24, 2003. To pre-order the game and support TrekToday, head over to Amazon.com, where the game can be purchased for 10% off the retail price. Thanks to Doug Wilson for this!

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