'Nemesis' DVD Menus Unmasked

By Caillan
May 4, 2003 - 6:37 AM

'Star Trek Nemesis' DVD Menu - courtesy StarTrek.com, copyright Paramount PicturesParamount Pictures last week revealed the look of the menus for the Star Trek Nemesis DVD.

The menu screens were produced by 1K Studios using models created by SFX house Digital Domain for the film, StarTrek.com reported. The finished product is in keeping with the look of the Nemesis promotional artwork and logo, with the colour green heavily featured.

StarTrek.com has posted a video preview of the DVD menus, which includes the main menu, the set-up screen and the scene selection menu. The main screen picks up the Argo as it flies into the Enterprise-E shuttlebay, then shows the Scimitar decloaking on top of the Enterprise. The camera rotates, showing different points of view, such as the Enterprise seen from behind the Scimitar. Selections on offer from the main menu include 'Play', 'Special Features', 'Screen Selection' and 'Set-up'.

For the set-up menu, the camera flies in towards the bottom of the Enterprise's saucer section. Audio and subtitle options, as well as the commentary track by director Stuart Baird, can be selected by clicking on different areas of the hull. Finally, for the scene selection screen, the camera approaches the top of the saucer section, where users can access various points of the movie. The first two scenes available are 'Conspiracy' and 'Blue Skies'.

Star Trek Nemesis will be released on DVD on May 20. To purchase the DVD and support TrekToday, please use the following links: Amazon.com - Widescreen - Amazon.com - Fullscreen - Amazon.ca - Amazon.co.uk - Amazon.de.

The preview movie can be viewed in Windows Media and Quicktime formats here at StarTrek.com.

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