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Berman Talks Mixed Cast Trek Movies

By Lisa
May 5, 2002 - 12:59 AM

Executive Producer Rick Berman recently spoke about the difficulties of a future Star Trek feature film involving characters from across the franchise.

"We'd be talking about forty to fifty people," Berman told Star Trek Monthly. "I like taking these movies one step at a time. I don't thing the Next Generation family is necessarily ready to hang up their space suits yet, but future films involving characters from numerous series, including Enterprise, is something I've definitely thought about."

"My guess is that if the Next Generation features turn into something else," he continued, "if we begin doing films that aren't strictly about the Next Generation crew, then we'd probably incorporate not so much the casts of different shows or ships of the different series, but specific characters from the different series that could be integrated into one film. This is something that has been thought about, but not thought about to any great degree because we're right in the middle of shooting a movie with the Next Generation crew."

Berman also provided a status update on 'Nemesis.' "We're done shooting. We finished on schedule," he said. "9 March 2002 was the last day of production and Stuart Baird is starting to wade through the assembly and the cut. We're also working daily on keeping the visual effects schedule up to date. The sequences that have visual effects in them have to get to Digital Domain on the right days so that everything gets done in a timely fashion, so to speak. There are hundreds of effects shots."

"A few of the actors had to come back to do green screen portions of sequences they had already done. In other words, if you do a sequence that involves visual effects, you will shoot 90 percent of it on the set and then some of it has to be shot against a green screen. That's done on a different day. Brent Spiner and Michael Dorn were both involved in the last two days of shooting, which were the green screen days."

More from Rick Berman can be found in issue 29 of Star Trek Monthly. Alternativley, extracts have been made available online here at Trek Galaxy.

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