Braga Reflects On 'Enterprise's' First Year

By Lisa
May 4, 2002 - 8:14 PM

With the first season of Enterprise in the can, executive producer Brannon Braga took time to reflect back on the show's initial year on air.

"Out of 26 episodes I think we probably got 21 of them just right," Braga told Star Trek: The Magazine.

The series co-creator went on to explain which episodes he felt hit the high notes. "'Broken Bow, 'Fight or Flight', 'Unexpected', 'The Andorian Incident', 'Dear Doctor' and 'Shuttlepod one' are standout shows; 'Detained' was a great Suliban episode and I really liked 'Fusion,'" he explained. "'Terra Nova' had some great stuff in it, but wasn't a great show. And I personally feel 'Sleeping Dogs' could have been better. And 'Oasis', I felt just wasn't very inspired."

How did the producer feel about the freshman year of the show as a whole? "I feel pretty good," he said. "Predominantly the feedback has been great. There are episodes I wish could have been better, but then there are some shows we're very proud of."

"I think we've struggled to get the right writing staff together. Star Trek is a hard enough show to write as is, and this show is a little different. Basically I, or Rick and I, have rewritten every episode, and it's been a lot of work."

More from Brannon Braga including his thoughts about the various Enterprise characters and more on the series as a whole, can be found in the June 2002 issue of Star Trek: The Magazine. Alternatively, extracts can be found online here at TrekWeb.

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