'Bittersweet' Emotions On The 'Endgame' Set

By Lisa
May 4, 2001 - 11:57 AM

The Voyager cast were recently interviewed on the set of 'Endgame,' revealling some interesting new information about the finale.

"We're trying to keep as much of the story a secret as possible," executive producer and endgame co-writer Kenneth Biller told Ian Spelling, in the new edition of his Inside Trek column. "But I can tell you that Janeway must come face to face with her own limitations and also her past decisions. There will be some resolution to the season-long Paris/Torres arc. And there's some unexpected romance that develops."

Garrett Wang (Harry Kim) described the atmosphere on set as bittersweet. "It's been a great run," he said, "but it's also time to move on. We've all loved and appreciated the security of the job - and the steady paycheck, to be honest - but I think I can speak for all of us when I say we want to see what else we can do, what else is out there for us."

Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) was already looking ahead to life outside Voyager. "It's fun and exciting to think about the future." she said. "And it'll be nice to play roles in actual clothing, with no corset [and] with no rubber."

As the fourth Trek incarnation, comparisons between Voyager and the other Star Trek series were inevitable from its conception. Everyone has a favourite series, and arguments between different factions can be bloody. Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway), however, refused to be drawn on the subject. "I think that, if I did listen to all that stuff, I would have gotten terribly depressed. Not only am I proud of the show, but I've heard so much praise for 'Voyager' that I've been uplifted and delighted by it."

"I'm piqued by it," she continued, "and my ego is certainly interested in the subject, but Oscar Wilde was correct: comparisons are odious. They can only bring you down."

The full interview by Spelling can be found here at Inside Trek.

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