Major 'Andromeda' News

By Christian
May 5, 2000 - 12:38 AM

Cinescape just posted a news article on 'Andromeda', based on an interview with series co-executive producer Alan Eastman in the Hollywood Reporter. In the article, the following three cast members of the series are mentioned:

  • Lisa Ryder as Beka Valentine, commander of a space salvage ship. Ryder previously appeared in the first two episodes of 'Earth: Final Conflict', another series based on the work of Gene Roddenberry, as Kate Boone. She also had a role in the third season of the 'Forever Knight' series as Detective Tracy Vetter, and a few film roles, according to her IMDB bio.

  • Lexa Doig as the simulated human body of the sentient Andromeda ship. One of Doig's previous roles, according to her IMDB bio, was playing Cowgirl in William Shatner's 'TekWar'.

  • Laura Bertram as the genetically engineered superbeing Tyr Anasazi. The IMDB bio also lists several projects for Benham, including most importantly a starring role on the TV series 'Ready Or Not' as Amanda Zimm.

In the article, Alan Eastman also reveals, "We are ready to go. We have scripts for the first eight episodes and have completed casting on the ensemble cast." Work has already started on the visual effects for the show, which, according to Eastman, more money will be spent on than for any other sci-fi show.

In other 'Andromeda' news, the people at Tribune Entertainment have put up the first version of the official 'Andromeda' site. Soon the site will also feature info on the ship the Andromeda Ascendant and the actual show, but for now they've already opened, a very in-depth guide to the All Systems Commonwealth.

The guide contains info on many aspects of the 'Andromeda' universe, from the series' time line to its technology to many of the races in it. Also be sure to check out the 'Ships' section (reachable via the Transportation and Military Craft menus) - for obvious reasons, it had me, Christian Hhne Sparborth, staring at my screen in disbelief and utter excitement for a long while :-). A big thank-you goes out to the creators of the 'Andromeda' site, of course!

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