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By Michelle
April 4, 2004 - 6:19 PM

Hello World!

The cherry blossoms took over Washington, DC this weekend, and when there was a break yesterday in the relentless rain that afflicted us all week, we took the kids downtown. We had a bit of a transportation dilemma: Metro security has been extremely tight since the latest terrorism alert, with long waits just to get to the trains, and I'm claustrophobic enough to be afraid of being underground to begin with, so we ended up driving down along the C&O Canal. Nothing's really blooming there yet, but once we reached DC there were flowers everywhere -- forsythia, daffodils, the first dogwoods and lots and lots of pink-and-white trees.

The Cherry Blossom Festival features one of my favorite things on the entire planet: green tea ice cream, quite difficult to find in DC except at Japanese food stores (none of which are near where I live) except this one weekend when it can be purchased on street corners. The festival also features a wide variety of artwork, crafts, cultural displays and manga. Since we were stuck in traffic once we reached the city, we got downtown rather late, and walked from the Smithsonian directly to the Tidal Basin which is ringed with flowering trees.

There were dancers on a stage in front of the Jefferson Memorial, and music coming from a field on the far side of the water as we circled around through the FDR Memorial. We visited both, plus the site of the Martin Luther King monument which is scheduled to be built at some point in the future. It was chilly, in the 50s, but the trees were in full bloom and there were many visitors in gorgeous bright kimonos walking around taking pictures. We stayed until twilight and watched the sun drop behind the Washington Monument.

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