Art Asylum Creates New Kirk Figure

By Michelle
April 4, 2003 - 8:52 PM

Art Asylum and have collaborated on an exclusive new action figure: a Captain Kirk "Trouble with Tribbles" MiniMate, according to

Like previous MiniMate figures, which include Kirk, Spock, McCoy and several of the villains from the original Star Trek series, this three-inch figure will have movable joints and come with accessories. But instead of just the phaser packaged with the original Captain Kirk MiniMate, the special edition is packaged with several brightly coloured pom-pom sized "tribbles" on a string.

"Captain Kirk's smirk shows his resignation to the utter silliness of the situation," declares, reminding fans of Kirk's dilemma about the fuzzy Tribbles while guarding the priceless Quadrotriticale grain.

"I'm happy it's in the hands of a company that cares about the fans as much as we do", said Art Asylum's Adam Unger.

The figures, which sell for $6.99 each, are scheduled to ship in June. Production will be limited to a 5,000 piece run.

Pre-orders are being taken at The original article may be found here.

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