Finale Novelisation To Take Voyager Story Further

By Christian
April 4, 2001 - 9:25 AM

After the series finale airs on the 23rd of May, fans will only have to wait a month to find out what happens next with the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager. According to Pocket Books editor John Ordover, the upcoming novelisation of the Voyager finale will not only include the whole story of the final Voyager episode, but will also serve as a lead-in to a future Voyager Novel Relaunch.

Due to Pocket Books not receiving the finale script in time for the novelisation to be ready in time for the airdate, the book won't be out until a month after the episode airs. "However," said Ordover at Psi Phi's Star Trek Books BBS, "it will contain [a substantial amount of] extra follow-up material taking the story of Voyager into the future. The novelization is by Diane Carey; the extra material is by Christie Golden."

The extra material in the novelisation will serve as a prelude to a Voyager novel relaunch, taking the Voyager story further into the future. Ordover said that a start date of 2003 would be most likely for the relaunch.

Voyager isn't the only novel series that is being relaunched. Next month will see the release of S.D. Perry's 'Avatar, Book One' and 'Avatar, Book Two', telling the first stories of what happened on DS9 after the events seen in 'What You Leave Behind'. Also planned is a Lower Decks TOS Relaunch, in which the Enterprise's original five-year mission will be revisited from the viewpoint of other characters than Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest of the bridge crew.

Diane Carey and Christie Golden are both experienced Trek authors. Carey has been the writer of choice for novelisations lately, having created the novel versions of both DS9's 'What You Leave Behind' and Voyager's 'Equinox'. Christie Golden most recently wrote the Voyager 'Dark Matters' trilogy.

Thanks go out to Jim McCain for this!

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