Siddig To Direct WWII Drama

By Amy
April 4, 2001 - 4:57 AM

Former 'Deep Space Nine' actor Alexander Siddig (Bashir) has certainly been keeping himself busy since the 1999 wrap of the third Star Trek series. Courtesy of Sid City, the actor's official website, new information is available on some of his past, present and future projects.

First up is news on the DVD release of 'Vertical Limit'. Set for release on May 22, it's currently priced at around $15 US, with a VHS release priced for rental. In the movie, Siddig plays Kareem Nazir, one of the climbers on a rescue mission to the top of K2, the world's second-highest mountain.

In production currently is 'Reign of Fire'. Set in a post-apocalyptic future England and directed by Rob Bowman, the movie tells the story of "an American militia leader (Matthew McConaughey) and a British 'Fire Chief' (Christian Bale) [who] must team up to fight off a brood of fire-breathing dragons that have emerged, seeking to return to dominance over man after a centuries-long rest."

Curently set for a June 2002 release, shooting on the production began in mid February in Ireland's Wicklow Mountains. recently reported that due to the outbreak of Hoof and Mouth disease throughout the United Kingdom that the producers were considering a move to Morocco in North Africa to complete the outdoor shots. Siddig, however, recently denied this rumour, saying that production will continue in Ireland through to early June of this year.

Finally, Siddig has just signed on to direct an independent, low-budget film, 'Night Witches'. Tentatively set to start filming in fall after 'Reign of Fire' wraps, 'Night Witches' is about a group of Russian women who were drafted into the Russian Airforce in World War II due to their badly-needed piloting skills. There is not yet a prospective release date.

More information on the actor and all his past, present and upcoming projects may be found at his official website, Sid City.

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