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Braga Confirms Focus Group Reports

By Christian
April 4, 2000 - 10:43 PM

Over at the Sci-Fi Wire, they've put up a very interesting interview with Brannon Braga, Voyager's current Executive Producer, currently developing Series V together with Rick Berman. In the interview, Braga confirms the earlier reports about Paramount testing several Series V concepts:

"There has been some testing," Braga told SCI FI Wire. "Obviously, that's true. I honestly can't say a lot about it simply because I have nothing to do with it. This is something that Paramount is doing. The testing of concepts, particularly on something that's a franchise, so to speak, I understand is fairly normal procedure. They are testing various things, and I didn't have anything to do with it, and I have yet to hear about any results from it. It's real peripheral to me."

As you may recall, in mid-January it was reported (by, among others, Ain't It Cool News and TrekToday itself) that Paramount had organised several focus group sessions to test the waters for 3 possible Series V ideas: a 'Starfleet Academy' concept, a 'Birth of the Federation' concept, and finally an 'Alpha Squad' concept. In the months after that, Berman and Braga repeatedly stated that the studio had always considered just one concept, so it is interesting to now see Braga confirm these earlier reports.

After that, Braga talks a bit more about how they're developing the new series:

"There is a new series in development. Rick Berman, myself and Paramount are developing it now. What it will be and when it will be are big question marks at the moment. We are in very early stages of development right now. I can tell you that we are eager to do something that is completely different, that feels fresh while at the same time captures the essence of Star Trek, gets it back to where it needs to be. We just don't have anything nailed down specifically at this point, so I really have nothing more specific that I can tell you."

He added that Paramount is not pressuring them to come up with a new series idea soon. "It's all alchemy," Braga said. "You can't predict what's going to recapture people's interest. At the moment, no, they're not putting our feet to the fire. We're just talking about ideas in the most preliminary fashion. 'What if we did this, what if we did that?' And we haven't really nailed down anything yet. So we'll see what happens when we start edging closer to a concept."

You can find the full interview by going here.

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