News Bullets (2)

By Christian
April 4, 2000 - 10:41 PM

  • John Cook just announced he is going to get a fifth Sev Trek T-shirt printed this week. Thanks to his recent Sticker Poll he's decided to go with the 'Bean Me Up' design, featuring Captain Gainweight and loads of coffee, as shown here. The design will go to the printer on Wednesday.

  • Kenny L. at GameLinks has written a review of 'Star Trek: Armada', awarding the new real-time strategy game a score of 75%.

  • Over at the German Star Trek Index, Malte Kirchner has put up an interview with Dirk Bartholomä, organiser of the German FedCon. In the interview, Bartholomä talks about the recent controversy regarding the Galileo-7 convention.

  • Sid City is reporting that the release of 'Vertical Limit', the new film also starring Alexander Siddig (Julian Bashir), has been pushed back to December 15 by Sony to accomodate additional filming and post-production work.

  • Diamond has released a set of Windows 9x drivers for their Viper II Z200 video card which should allow owners of the card to run 'Star Trek: Armada' without any graphics problems.

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