Starfleet Command Volume II Announced

By Christian
April 4, 2000 - 10:33 PM

The Starfleet Universe, the net's best source for Starfleet Command info, just posted the following extremely exciting announcement from Erik Bethke, one of the designers of Interplay's 'Starfleet Command':

Starfleet Command now called retroactively Starfleet Command Volume I, exceeded all of our expectations and soured past our hopes. SFC has sold very well in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. SFC has been the top non-action game at MPlayer for most of the past 8 months. Also SFC set a very high records for direct sales from Interplay and remains the best-selling game direct from Interplay.

As part of the success of SFC, the team that created SFC has spun out of 14 Degrees East / Interplay and we have founded our own company - Taldren. Taldren is an independent developer with a multi-game agreement with Interplay. Please take a look at for more information about us.

Now Starfleet Command Volume II is anticipated to ship for Winter 2000. We will of course create an SFC Volume II website here and over time release screen shots, trailers, and feature lists. For today I will announce that a race with a fondness for missiles and another race that likes peace will make their debut in Starfleet Command Volume II.

Thank you all for playing SFC and we look forward to entertaining you with Starfleet Command Volume II this Winter!

More information about the game will undoubtedly be posted at the Starfleet Universe as it becomes available.

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