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By Christian
April 4, 2000 - 10:13 PM

Julia Houston at's Star Trek Fans has put up another installment in her 'Best of Star Trek' series, this time looking at the Original Series' 'The Trouble With Tribbles':

Good conspiracy, cool aliens, and funny as hell: there's good cause for "The Trouble with Tribbles" to be considered not only one of the two best TOS episodes (the other being "The City on the Edge of Forever"), but one of the best Star Trek episodes of all time.

With coy self-reference, the episode manages to exploit cleverly the audience's familiarity with the characters and conventions Star Trek had established by its second season. We open with the standard Red Alert and the presence of Klingons, and for a moment we believe we know where we are and what's going on. We even have Spock sneering at Chekov's attempts to make a "very little" ensign joke.

More praise of the episode can be found in the full review. Other new features at Julia's site include a list of Star Trek metaphors a la 'Darmok', and a reader review of Good Shepherd.

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