Bakula Finds Series Improving, UPN Frustrating

By Michelle
March 4, 2004 - 8:37 PM

"If I could explain UPN's philosophy of scheduling, I would probably be qualified for brain surgery," an evidently stymied Scott Bakula told fans in an online chat. "I don't get the fact that they're changing our timeslot in reruns."

Answering questions at, the Captain Archer actor said that he doesn't think Linda Park (Hoshi Sato), Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather) or John Billingsley (Phlox) get enough screen time, reminded viewers to pay attention to scheduling shenanigans that might affect when new episodes return after a break for the rest of this month and asked fans to please contact Les Moonves at CBS about their desire for Enterprise to remain on the air.

Noting that he never really gets a day off, between shooting the series, promotional appearances, Quantum Leap DVD interviews, having sick children and the like, Bakula said that he felt good about the work but that most of the actors had some trepidation about the future of the series.

He praised the writing of "Hatchery" and upcoming episodes, naming the Aquatics as his favourite species of Xindi, though he joked he hoped to take home one of the Insectoid baby models as a Christmas tree ornament.

Asked about the moral issues brought up by "Hatchery", Bakula said that the cast talks about the issues of the episodes during rehearsals.

"Any television that sparks any kind of debate among the viewers, I think, is doing a wonderful today's climate, it's very topical," he stated.

When a fan wondered how he felt about the new "decency" restrictions on television and radio, the actor said, "As often happens, there's an initial over-reaction...hopefully, everyone will calm down and focus on more relevant issues that are in the line of violence, graphic depictions, images that are potentially damaging to us all."

There is, he added, "a fine line between letting the individuals edit what they watch and what their families watch, and what the government or the networks choose for them to see. I think the element of hypocrisy is the biggest issue here and that's where everyone, I think, needs to slow down and think a little bit more about a general attitude about a lot of things, instead of just knee-jerk reactions."

Bakula stated that he would be interested in starring in any musical Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote, but that if Enterprise - The Musical were put into production and he was unavailable, he'd like to see Brent Spiner (Data) take on the role, given Spiner's long history of musical productions: "...he certainly can dance." Bakula also hoped to appear in Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd someday.

For more, including Bakula's preferred pizza topping, favourite Beatle and opinion on things Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard) did wrong, see the full article at

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