Berman Is Plotting For Fourth Season

By Michelle
March 4, 2004 - 7:51 PM

T'Pol's inexplicable behaviour may be attributed to addiction and Archer will get another glimpse of the future before the third season of Star Trek: Enterprise ends, executive producer Rick Berman told an official Star Trek source.

Speaking in the latest issue of The Star Trek Communicator (via TrekWeb, Berman told Dan Madsen that he is making plans for a fourth season of the series, even though UPN has not yet picked up Enterprise for the fall.

The title of the third season finale, scheduled to air May 26th, will be "Zero Hour", according to Berman, who implied that Admiral Forrest and Ambassador Soval may put in appearances. He added that the episode would not be a cliffhanger but said that the Xindi storyline might carry over into the series' fourth season.

Moreover, said Berman, viewers will learn that there is a reason for T'Pol's inexplicable Vulcan emotionalism: apparently she has become addicted to Trellium-D, the substance that can protect humans from Expanse anomalies but caused a shipful of Vulcans to go insane.

Berman revealed that in the episode "E2", Archer's Enterprise will encounter an Enterprise from three generations in the future. If the show returns for another season, he said, it will continue to develop arc storylines.

Issue #149 of The Star Trek Communicator is available on newsstands or via subscription at the official Star Trek fan club site. Thanks to TrekWeb for the excerpts.

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