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'Enterprise' Set For 'Terrific Cliffhanger'

By Antony
March 4, 2003 - 4:56 PM

Rick Berman has hinted that Enterprise is set for an exciting finish to season two, as well as again addressing the poor office box takings of 'Nemesis'.

"We're working our way towards the end of the season [on Enterprise]," Berman told Star Trek Communicator (via TrekWeb). "We're hoping to have a terrific cliffhanger at the end."

Berman explained that now the show has been on air a while, the development is more rewarding. "I think as these characters get more complex," he said, "because they have a season and a half of back stories now, it's getting more fun to develop the interrelationships between them."

In the magazine, Berman also turned his thoughts to the recent poor box office takings for 'Nemesis'. He's adamant about not laying the blame on any one factor. "It is really easy to be a Monday-morning quarterback," he said. "You can blame it on the competition, you can blame it on what month it was scheduled to be released in, you can blame it on the movie itself, you can blame it on the fan base deteriorating to some degree. I think it is silly to make a guess as to what causes a film to do very well or not do very well."

One factor that could affect the franchise is the changing demographics of the viewers. "If you realize that The Next Generation has been off the air for eight years," he said, "the fans of that series have obviously gotten eight years older. Indeed, the younger ones are no longer young, and the older ones are eight years older. I think that... that the audience has grown a bit older and the younger audiences are more familiar with Deep Space Nine and Voyager and Enterprise. I think the fact that our core audience has gotten a little bit older is something hard to ignore."

The full interview can be found in issue #143 of Star Trek Communicator. You can read further excerpts here and here at TrekWeb.

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