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'DS9' Cast & Crew Reflect On The Show

By Antony
March 4, 2003 - 2:43 PM

On the eve of the R2 release of Deep Space Nine on DVD, the cast and producers have spoken about the show and its evolution.

"It's a far different series today than when Michael [Piller] and I created it," Rick Berman told Ultimate DVD magazine. "It's much more complex than we had planned. With all the diverse charactes and interpersonal relationships that have played out, a series like this is bound to take turns and head off into unexpected directions. There were times when I wasn't certain that a particualr storyline would work out, or when I was hesitant about going too far, but all in all, I think that the twists and turns the series has taken has only given a richer backstory to work with."

However, not all stories went down well with the cast, with both Rene Aubjerjonois (Odo) and Nana Visitor (Kira) revealing they didn't want the romance story between their characters to happen. "But when I watched the show that it happened in," Visitor said relating to the sixth season episode "His Way", "I found it very satisfying. I was nervous about it, an when I saw it, I thought 'That's really good'. But frankly I don't like that particular road my character took."

Armin Shimerman (Quark) also had "many disagreements" with the writers. "I let them know and they never changed it," he said. "Not that they were wrong — in hindsight, the series has been off the air for three years and I realize that writers are very much like parents. When you are a young person you think that your parents are wrong, but as you grow older you realise they were right. It's not that they were wrong; I necessarily didn't see the wisdom of what they were doing."

For the full feature, which includes more talk from Berman, Visitor and Shimerman, as well as from Auberjonois, Ira Steven Behr and Terry Farrell, check out issue 40 of Ultimate DVD. The magazine also has a list of Arminer Shimerman's top five episodes, as a well as a review of the first season box set.

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