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Details Of 'Nemesis' DVD Deleted Scenes

By Caillan
March 4, 2003 - 12:41 PM

Information on the cut scenes to be included on the Star Trek Nemesis DVD emerged today.

The deleted scenes will not be integrated into an "extended cut" of the film, and will total approximately twenty minutes in duration, sources told TrekToday.

Two of the scenes reportedly come from the more jovial original ending of the film, which featured an appearance by Steven Culp as Picard's new first officer, Commander Martin Madden. We will see Madden meet his commanding officer for the first time, which is followed by an amusing sequence with Picard and his new captain's chair. Director Stuart Baird said last year these extra sequences seemed "superfluous," which led to them being cut from the movie (story).

One of the other parts set to end up on the DVD is a philosophical discussion between Picard and Data which takes place shortly after the wedding. In the three-and-a-half-minute scene the pair discussion life decisions and what it means to be human over a bottle of Chateau Picard, the same wine the crew drink at the end of the film when they pay tribute to Data.

Some of the other sequences contain more time for the supporting characters, including an extra scene in an Enterprise-E corridor shortly after Picard has met Shinzon for the first time, with Counsellor Troi trying to calm him down. A second violation scene will also be included, in which Troi is telepathically assaulted by Shinzon inside a turbolift. Finally, the DVD will reportedly contain extra scenes with Picard talking to Worf and Crusher.

Please note that this information has not been officially confirmed by Paramount Pictures and until that time you should treat these details as you would any other rumour. This information only applies to the Region 2 (Europe) release of the Nemesis DVD, though it is likely Region 1 (North America) will contain the same extra features.

The Star Trek Nemesis DVD will be released on May 20, 2003. To order your copy and support TrekToday, please use the following links: - Widescreen - - Fullscreen - -

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