Ken Biller Proud Of Voyager

By Lisa
March 4, 2002 - 8:32 PM

It's almost a year since Star Trek: Voyager warped out with 'Endgame' but the show's executive producer Kenneth Biller is still pleased with the finale.

"I am just proud of the show and I am very proud of the last season," he told Cinefantastique Magazine (via TrekWeb). "I think that we had a very high production value this season and I just hope that people think that we told good stories. If people think that [the] show had some good stories, then I think that I must have done something right."

Biller was keen to counter criticism about the fact that 'Endgame' had similar elements to the Next Generation series finale. "We were mindful of the fact that there would inevitably be comparisons to 'All Good Things...' which was a time travel episode," he said. "That was a wonderful episode of Star Trek. I think one of the best and so I said 'We don't have to shy away from that.' It's a different show, with a different set of characters, and ultimately it's a different story. The only thing that it has in common is that they do involve time travel."

"I think that the reality is that old Janeway died in a big fireball, and young Janeway got her ship home. It never happened that Seven died and that Chakotay died. I think that was a clear, thematic decision. They got home, and now they are all going to have to go lead their lives."

More from Kenneth Biller can be found in the current issue of Cinefantastique Magazine, on sale now. The original article containing his comments can be found here at TrekWeb.

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