Virtual CCG

By Amy
March 4, 2001 - 9:53 PM

A few days ago, Decipher, makers of the Star Trek customisable card game, announced that they're branching out into the online gaming world. Fans of the popular game will now be able to play against others, swap cards and build up decks in a virtual environment.

Created in conjunction with DigitalDeck of San Mateo, California, Decipher has endeavoured to accurately duplicate physical games - with a few extras, including trackable ownership and game play history. Accessed through the 'Meeting Center', players can choose one of three forums for competition based on their skill levels - 'the Gamma Quadrant' for newbies, the 'Neutral Zone' for intermediates and 'Alpha Quadrant' for expert players. There are also plans for online tournaments to be held eventually.

Initial sign up for the game is free, requiring only an e-mail address and some patience to download the software that makes the game playable. This site also provides members with a free sign-up kit which consists of 72 un-tradeable cards. However, as with their cardboard counterparts, subsequent cards must be purchased via credit card, unless, of course, you're a member of their 'Collective', which, in exchange for a monthly membership fee, will give players 'latinum' for use on the site, in addition to promotional offers and discounts.

Decipher plans to eventually bring all its CCG games to the online world, with the Trek CCG being used to test the waters. For more information, read Decipher's announcement or visit the site itself by following this link.

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