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2009 Star Trek Book Publication Schedule

By T'Bonz
January 4, 2009 - 4:58 AM

2009 plans to be a busy year for those who love Star Trek books, with books from every Star Trek series planned.

As reported by,the Star Trek book publication schedule for 2009-2010 has been released and there are plenty of goodies for fans of every series, from Star Trek: Enterprise through Star Trek: Voyager. Fans of the twenty-fourth century series will find stories that progress forward in time and come into alignment with each other. According to Pocket Editor Margaret Clark, they have listened to the fans and the fans “want to know what happens next.” Clark emphasized that the books are still "stand-alone," but those who read the others will have a “whole new layer of enjoyment.”

In addition to presenting the lineup of forthcoming books, Clark discussed the return of various Trek lines. Non-fiction Trek appears to be dead in the water due to poor sales in 2008. Shatnerverse fans are probably out-of-luck too. "No comment," said Clark, when asked about future Shatnerverse books. And if one is looking for the original eBooks (Corps of Engineers), there are no future plans to reissue them. "No, but all regular books are available as eBooks," said Clark. Fans of audio books had better news. "We are working on a deal, so stay tuned," said Clark.

The following books will be released in 2009:

January 2009: Three books will be released this month. Singular Destiny, by Keith R.A. DeCandido, will focus on the aftermath of the Star Trek: Destiny trilogy and Federation President Nan Bacco. Errand of Fury 3: Sacrifices of War , by Kevin Ryan, takes place between The Devil in the Dark and Errand of Mercy episodes of the original series. The Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows anthology, with twelve short stories will also appear this month.

February 2009: The fifth Titan book, Titan: Over a Torrent Sea, by Christopher L. Bennett, will appear this month. The Titan series is about Captain Riker and his command, the USS Titan.

March 2009: March will see the release of the Star Trek: Mere Anarchy omnibus. This book contains six previously published eBook novellas, which span a thirty-year timeframe with characters from the original series.

April 2009: Two books will debut in April. Voyager: Full Circle, by Kirsten Beyer, will cover all of Voyager's main characters, and will encompass several different time periods. Voyager: Full Circle will start where the Spirit Walk series left off. The second April 2009 book will be Star Trek: New Frontier: Treason by Peter David. This novel will begin where the last New Frontier book ended and will chronicle the further adventures of Captain Calhoun and the USS Excalibur.

May 2009: Vanguard: Open Secrets, by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore, will be released in May. The Vanguard series is set on Starbase 47.

June 2009: Summer begins with the release of Troublesome Minds by Dave Galanter. Troublesome Minds, according to Margaret Clark, is "a classic Trek book focusing on Spock, that is a bit of a return to old-fashioned Star Trek novels."

July 2009: The Next Generation: Losing the Peace, by William Leisner, is another post-Destiny book. In Losing the Peace, Captain Picard will deal with the aftermath of a Borg invasion and try to balance his work with his new family life.

August 2009: Deep Space Nine: The Soul Key, by Olivia Woods, picks up where 2008’s Fearful Symmetry left off and focuses on Kira and the Mirror Universe.

September 2009: Autumn will see Deep Space Nine's The Never-Ending Sacrifice by Una McCormack. The Never-Ending Sacrifice looks at the aftermath of the Dominion War and the Cardassians.

October 2009: The Romulan War kicks off in October of 2009 with the release of Enterprise: The Romulan War by Michael A. Martin. Originally planned as a two-book series, Enterprise: The Romulan War will instead be released as a trade paperback. The Romulan War, as seen through the eyes of Captain Jonathan Archer and his Enterprise NX-01 crew, will begin but not be completed, in Enterprise: The Romulan War. According to Margaret Clark, "Because of things that unfolded in 'Kobayashi Maru,' the Vulcans have to come with a horrifying fact and they realize that there is something they have to do. Vulcan is going through upheaval after the rediscovery of Surak's teachings and the society is not as stable as what we see in the 23rd century. T’Pol realizes what their involvement in a war could wrought on Vulcan society and she does something that horrifies her partners in the coalition, but will eventually lead to the foundation of the United Federation of Planets and the Vulcan that we see in the Kirk era."

November 2009: Voyager: Unworthy, by Kirsten Beyer, will show Voyager going out on its new mission. The ship's crew will include: Chakotay, Seven of Nine, Tom Paris and Harry Kim, with Neelix making a cameo appearance. The new Captain of the Voyager, after the apparent demise of Janeway in Before Dishonor (Peter David,) is not revealed, but is not Chakotay. In November, the sixth Titan book, Titan: Synthesis, by James Swallow, will be released.

December 2009: The year wraps up with the fifth Vanguard book. Vanguard: Precipice, by David Mack, is an original series novel.

To see both the 2010 list of books to be published and book covers for some of the forthcoming publications, head to the article located here.

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