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By T'Bonz
January 4, 2008 - 12:59 AM

Hello World!

Happy New Year!

2008 brings an end to the holiday festivities and a departure of the company who came to take part in the annual celebrations. It also brings an end to some work (seemingly neverending dishes) while new work (cleaning and taking down decorations) takes its place.

One unwelcome visitor arrived with my daughter’s friend who visited us one evening before Christmas. It was a cold virus. This virus found its first victim in my daughter’s boyfriend, who spent the tail end of his vacation coughing and dosing up with cold remedies in hopes of stopping said coughing.

I felt the familiar tickle and throat aggravation the day my company left, on New Year’s Eve. Dosing with liberal amounts of Cold-eeze proved to be futile. Today, as has so often happened after the holiday season, a cold took up temporary residence. I have been reintroduced to the world of cough syrup, decongestants and Kleenex.

While doing errands today, I stopped to buy some of the abovementioned in hopes of mitigating my symptoms. Buying the decongestant was an exercise in frustration, as it has become another casualty of the “war on drugs”. One must now provide one’s driver license and sign a statement and then the clerk will reach behind the counter and provide one with the small box which hopefully will permit one to sleep at night untroubled by coughing or a stuffy nose.

In future, I’d like to have the drugstore provide half a dozen “meth” addicts to stand in front of me when I need to purchase Sudafed. I’ll cough in their faces and that will be payment for the extra aggravation I now face when buying the necessary cold remedy.

I think that’s only fair. Don’t you?

Atchoo!…I mean Jolan tru!

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