Berman Promises Exciting Developments In 'Harbinger'

By Kristine
January 4, 2004 - 10:09 PM

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Rick Berman promised the fifteenth episode of the season, "Harbinger" would bring major exposition to the season's arc, and a little romance as well.

In an article in issue #148 the Star Trek Communicatior (via TrekWeb), Berman discussed upcoming developments in Enterprise's third season. "['Harbinger'] is an episode where a lot of exposition is going to unfold about the upcoming [ending episodes of the season]," Berman said.

Berman went into detail about the episode, discussing its plot. "'Harbinger' is an episode where we rescue a strange test subject--almost like a canary that gets taken down a mine," he explained. "Except that this is a character who gets taken into our galaxy by the people who built the spheres to see how things are going."

Berman also alluded to the rumors that Trip and T'Pol would become romantically involved. As previously reported (story), T'Pol's jealousy over Trip's flirtatious relationship with a female MACO leads to a romantic interlude between the pair. "There are also going to be some very interesting romantic turns," Berman said. He also added that the MACOs would be making further appearances, and added that there would be among them "some quite attractive female MACOs."

Berman also noted that the staff is looking for a way to honor Kellie Waymire (Elizabeth Cutler), who passed away in November 2003. "We had hoped Kellie would come back as well," Berman said. "We have discussed some way of honoring her and we'll be looking into that in the next few weeks."

Berman made reference to the eighteenth episode of the season, though he did not reveal any plot details. He did say that the episode would be called "Azati Prime."

To read the complete article, look for issue #148 of the Star Trek Communicator on newsstands, or read excerpts at TrekWeb.

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