Winston Discusses Time Travel with Daniels

By Michelle
January 3, 2004 - 9:48 AM

"I'm praying that Daniels will continue to bounce back from any problems like he did after 'Cold Front'," said Matt Winston, who plays time-traveling agent Ensign Daniels on Star Trek: Enterprise and has already returned from the presumed-dead once.

In the newest issue of the UK's Star Trek: Monthly, #112, transcribed in part at Sci Fi Pulse, Winston spoke about his hope for the return of Ensign Daniels during the Xindi arc.

Though Winston did not expect his role to become recurring, he said that other crewmembers expected him to return following his appearance in "Cold Front."

"Some of these guys had worked on all of the Star Trek series from The Next Generation forward, and they said it's kind of hard to die on a Star Trek series," he said. "They seemed to know, the grips and the lighting guys, that I'd be back. And they were say that I'm pleased is an understatement."

In his four appearances as Daniels, Winston said, he saw the character as another as a pawn in the Temporal Cold War story rather than a prime mover:

He works for this watchdog organization that makes sure people don't mess with the timeline, but messing with the timeline is all relative. Perhaps what we think is not messing with the timeline really is messing with the timeline. So just as with any conflict, saying who the good guys are and who the bad guys are is fairly subjective. Daniels thinks he's a good guy. He's started out more on the side of good, but who knows how it will turn out in the end?

"Once you get into time logic there could very well be many different Daniels in many different time periods," he added. "Perhaps I'm not bound by the typical human structures, in terms of where my body can be at any given moment. Perhaps I'm a projection of sorts. Perhaps I'm part cyborg. We don't know yet."

Winston said he hoped to see the return of the Romulans, "which is a huge part of the Star Trek mythos", and the founding of the Federation. "All the major signposts that have occurred throughout the Star Trek series can very easily be tied into this Temporal Cold War arc," he noted.

To read more, including Winston's efforts to learn the technological language of the show, visit Sci Fi Pulse or purchase Star Trek: Monthly if you are in the UK.

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