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Mulgrew and Frakes - Voyager Ending and Trek X

By Amy
January 4, 2001 - 6:52 AM

  • Cinescape Online contributors Gregory L. Norris and Laura A. Van Vleet recently had the chance to talk with Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway). The two writers managed to coax the actress into revealing some of what will be happening in the upcoming two-part episode, 'Workforce', which she was in the middle of filming at the time.

    Mulgrew describes it as "unprecedented", adding that she "think[s] viewers will be surprised and delighted by it". As to the hints of Janeway getting a real man, well, she has this to offer: "Janeway is in an altered personality. But she's terribly happy. You've never seen her act this young, this happy or this in love. She comes to learn in a very difficult way that this persona is not her reality, and she has to say goodbye to it. It's beautifully done." Also, when asked about whether or not Voyager will make it back, Mulgrew suggests that they may actually film multiple endings for the final episode and keep the actual ending under wraps, a la famous dual-ending for the Simpsons episode, "Who Shot Mr. Burns," which she thinks would be a smart way to go because "[she thinks] it's very important that the ending be splendid, bold, and unpredictable".

    You can find the full interview here at Cinescape Online.

  • Meanwhile, Qie of Voyager's Delights has posted another magazine transcript, this time of Jonathan Frakes's (Riker) interview with Star Trek: Monthly. While most of the interview is taken up with discussing Jonathan's current projects – Paramount and Nickelodeon movie 'Clockstoppers' and teen alien drama 'Roswell' – the actor does spare some time for the next Star Trek movie, currently known only as Star Trek X. He reasserts previous claims that "as much fun as the smaller, romantic Insurrection was, [he thinks] we need to do a huge, action-adventure movie," that "for Star Trek X and the first Star Trek of the millennium, we need to go balls out." He also denies pervious rumours that he's a definite no as the director of the movie, commenting that he'd be "thrilled and proud" to do so and that he hopes the rumours aren't true.

    You can, of course, find the full transcript here at Voyager's Delights.

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