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Shatner Speaks On His Writing

By T'Bonz
December 3, 2007 - 10:29 PM

In response to questions regarding several of his books, William Shatner updated readers on his writing plans.

Speaking via Shatnervision, discussed the future of several of his writing projects recently.

Shatner and co-authors Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens had plans for the Academy series of books begun with Academy:Collision Course, said Shatner. "...Reeves-Stevens and I had planned an arc for young Kirk and young Spock. We think of them as troubled adolescents who are saved from bad times by being sent to the military academy in this case the naval academy. And The Federation has plans for them. Which we'll find out in the book." However, plans have been shelved due to the new movie, so "Everything is in flux," explains Shatner.

Whether an audiobook is done for Academy: Collision Course depends on sales of the book, said Shatner. "Usually it's done a bit after the book is put out." He went on to complain about the lack of communication from the publishers while working on Academy: Collision Course. "I've had difficulty in getting this written...I've had so much difficulty in publicizing it. We've never gotten any notes on our rewrites, on stuff that we've done. We have had no cooperation from the publishing company at all on this book. I have fought tooth and nail to get this book published. If the sales of the books warrant it, they'll ask me to do an audiobook."

Asked about his aborted Man O'War series, Shatner explained, "I wrote a series of books using the American moment of when they fought the British to free themselves to make, to begin this democracy, and I was using all the wonderful stories about the American fight for freedom and put that on Mars," he explained. "...Martian workers who had been hired to go up there and would get...a piece of the profit, there was never any profit, so they worked there for practically nothing. They had children up there. Then the children born on Mars began to excite for freedom, they wanted to be independent. So their fight for independence mirrored the American fight for independence. And this series of books was called Man O'War. I wanted to sell it as a series, I tried to do a lot to it. And, it came close, but no cigar."

To hear more from Shatner, head to the videos located here, here, and here.

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