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TV Guide Marks 'Nemesis' Release

By Caillan
December 3, 2002 - 8:03 AM

'Nemesis' TV Guide covers - copyright TV Guide/Paramount PicturesTV Guide celebrates the release of 'Star Trek Nemesis' in its latest issue.

The magazine features interviews with Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard), Brent Spiner (Data) and "the fan who wrote the movie," better known as John Logan ('Gladiator' & 'RKO 281').

Emblazoned with the title "'Star Trek Nemesis' - Is This The Last Generation?" the issue comes in four different collectible covers - one with Picard, another with Picard and Data, with the remaining two featuring different views of the Enterprise-E.

In his interview with Michael Logan, Stewart discussed his future with the franchise, saying that he wouldn't want to play Picard in his seventies or eighties.

"I doubt it, and I doubt that I would want to, although I could see me turning up as some venerated admiral perhaps. There is a reconfiguring of the crew that happens in this film for the first time in 15 years, which creates interesting possibilities. Fresh blood. The whole reason for this — which, of course, I can't talk about — is that something that you thought had really no potential at all, the last scene that Picard has, suddenly shows a spark of originality and freshness. It becomes almost a kind of metaphor for what TNG has been for years and years and years."

One scene that dealt with the theme of change was left on the cutting room floor, which Stewart felt was a pity. "There was a very nice scene which came after the wedding that I really regret didn't make it into the movie. The wedding is over and Data and Picard are alone in Picard's cabin. I open a bottle of Chateau Picard, we have a glass together, and that's what we talk about. Also in the wedding we learn that Beverly Crusher is going to take over Starfleet Medical. Data is going to be the new first officer, and [he is] is talking about why do these occasions mean so much to humans, why do you have to mark them in this way? So I talk about rites of passage, and how everything we have is important, but change is vital to the development of individuals. Anyway, it all [was cut from the film], which is a shame because that scene [would have had] a terrific resonance at the end of the movie."

Further excerpts from Stewart's interview are available here at TV Guide online. The issue is on newsstands now.

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