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An archive of Star Trek News

'Nemesis' News Roundup

By Caillan
December 3, 2002 - 8:02 AM

  • Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard), Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) and Brent Spiner (Data) talked to Zap2it's Suzy Byrne about the possibility of 'Nemesis' being the final film for the TNG crew.

    Although Sirtis is resigned to the fact that Trek X will probably be the last time she plays Deanna Troi, the actress wouldn't hesitate to sign up for number eleven. "Oh, please. Of course I would [do another movie]. Who is adverse to earning money? It's the biggest check I get as an actor. We love playing these parts; I don't think any of us would say we've had a moment's regret about doing this for the last 15 years. But I was 12 when I started. I just want to add that." Read more from the cast at this page.

  • Jonathan Frakes (Riker) gets to face off with Ron Perlman (Reman Viceroy) in a big fight scene this time round - but in reality, it was a kind of reunion for the two actors.

    "The best part of the fight was that we were dropped into this holding system where they fly you above the set," Frakes told Ian Spelling and David Bassom in Dreamwatch Magazine (via Sci-Fi Pulse). "I was rolling around with Ron, and Ron and I had done a play with each other right before he got Beauty And The Beast and I got Star Trek. We were lying there sweating, wired up and saying we were both way to old to be action heros. It was great to be with someone that I knew. I think that sequence actually is going to be pretty hot because the stuntmen worked their asses of to make us look good, as they always do." The full interview can be found in the 100th issue of Dreamwatch Magazine, with extracts available online at Sci-Fi Pulse.

  • Over at Dark Horizons, Patrick Stewart talked to Paul Fischer about 'Nemesis' writer John Logan. "His enthusiasm, his fan's hunger to see the characters doing things he had always wanted to see them do and his eagerness to work with actors were genuinely apparent. We would spend hours on the telephone before we even met just getting to know one another and of course I discovered he was a man with a theatre background who loved the theatre and so it was in the early days talking with Logan that I just knew this could be a wonderful journey on which to embark." Regarding a possible Trek XI, the actor said, "If John Logan signs on as writer, I'm on board, no question." Stewart also recalled his many years on TNG in the full interview.

  • 'Gary 8' has reviewed 'Nemesis' at Ain't It Cool News, calling the film "pretty good." Although he didn't like the development of Shinzon and the cutting of some scenes which appeared in the script, "Everything else about the movie friggin ROCKED THA HOUSE Y'ALL!!" Read more here.

  • Patrick Stewart talks 'Nemesis' and 'X-Men 2' in the December issue of Premiere Magazine. Alongside the Stewart article, director Stuart Baird and representatives from SFX company Digital Domain discuss the making of the film. The magazine also reviews all previous Trek feature films. Thanks to Ian for this!

  • Entertainment Tonight will be showing a behind-the-scenes special on the film on December 7. Check your local listings for times. Thanks to 'Jyro' for this!

  • Another 'Nemesis' special is set to air on the Space network in Canada on December 12th at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT. Thanks to Warren for this!

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