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TNG Season 6 DVD Reviews Appear

By Caillan
December 3, 2002 - 8:02 AM

TNG Season 6 DVD set - courtesy, copyright Paramount PicturesWith each season's release very similar in quality, reviewers of the Next Generation season six DVD set have one message - if you liked the other sets, then it's a pretty good chance you'll enjoy this one too.

  • "As other DVD reviewers have no doubt mentioned, finding new and interesting things to say about these sets is becoming more difficult with each season," wrote Steve Krutzler at TrekWeb. "Whether you want these ultimately comes down whether there are enough of your favorite episodes in each set. The image and sound quality is excellent and there are no commentary tracks or bloopers. Extras are restricted to a few similarly-looking documentaries that feature new and archival interview footage, focus on some of the season's choice episodes and include plenty of behind the scenes footage and photography. The simple question becomes: is season six a package that will provide plentiful hours of viewing enjoyment? Without a doubt, yes." The set was given a score of 4 out of 5 in the complete analysis.

  • Peter M. Bracke at DVD File said season six "isn't my favorite, but I'm sure there are just as many Trekkers who would completely disagree with me." Bracke drew attention to the 'Departmental Briefing' with VFX master Dan Curry, in which he "invites us into his home for a look at all his Trek paraphernalia and memorabilia, and this guy even has a Klingon knife set in his kitchen!" The review closed with these parting thoughts:

    Yep, another Next Gen box, another must-have for Trek fans. While I'm not as high on season six as many other Trekkers are, there are plenty of worthwhile episodes - some would say classic - among the bunch. If you've gotten this far through 'em all, are you really gonna stop now?

    In the full article, the box set was given a rating of 3 out of 5 for overall value.

  • In contrast, Ronald Epstein at the Home Theatre Forum proclaimed season six "the best of the lot." And he's not the only one who holds this opinion. "In Mission Overview, Brent Spiner and writer Ronald Moore don't hesitate to proclaim the sixth season as the best of the entire series. We take a look at some very special moments from the season - particularly 'Time's Arrow' where Brent and Whoopie Goldberg recall wearing period costumes and just having a lot of fun." Overall, Epstein said the season six DVD package is "Another terrific boxed set! Six down, one to go." The full review can be found at this page.

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