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Quinto Talks More Spock And Star Trek

By T'Bonz
November 3, 2008 - 10:00 PM

Working with Leonard Nimoy taught Zachary Quinto about grace.

As reported by, Zachary Quinto is grateful for the opportunity to have worked with or studied various actors from the original series, Star Trek XI and Heroes. "I think it's taught me a lot about grace, just watching Leonard and the other [original series] cast members," he said. "There was a particular experience I had with them which was at the "Scream Awards" last year. I had the honor of presenting them with the 25th anniversary of The Wrath of Khan and the surviving cast all came and accepted the award. And I was there with Heroes as well...Just watching the five of them walk out on stage and being there with my castmates, there was definitely a parallel of how grateful I am to have these people in my life and how much I consider my "Heroes" castmates truly my working family. I had this epic, crazy, life-changing experience doing this movie and one of the really great things has been to come back to this world which is so familiar and so supportive and so comfortable. It's been really nice to bring all those lessons, all those discoveries that I made when I was doing the movie, back here and to share them with my castmates and to share them with the work, you know?"

Preparing to play Spock meant advice from the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy. "My entry point for the character was much more rooted in my relationship with Leonard, personally, and the opportunity that I had to talk to him about it and really get to know the psychology of the character," explained Quinto. "There are certain physicalities that Spock manifests that are truly connected to that character, like the way he carries himself and the way he relates to the world. And so there were certain things that over time, I think, emerged that were echoes of the way Leonard carried himself, but I wouldn't consider that any of them were entry points for me. I found my entry points elsewhere."

Getting to know Nimoy was a positive experience for Quinto. "I just have such an affinity for him and I really enjoy him," said Quinto. "I don't really think of him as anyone other than the man that I've come to know...He's got a really rich and full life, his art collection and his photography and his traveling. I could spend, like, a day just looking at his art. I just think he's just so rad. I feel really honored that he's in my life."

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