News Bullets

By Michelle
November 3, 2005 - 6:09 PM

  • The 92nd Street Y is hosting a forum, "Prominent Jews Talk About Being Jewish", that will feature Leonard Nimoy (Spock) as well as Jason Alexander (Kurros).

  • Louise Fletcher (Kai Winn) is working on a new film, Fat Rose and Squeaky, with Cicely Tyson and Julie Brown.

  • Jeriholics reports that Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) is in the latest issue of TV Guide on page 77.

  • The Sid City Forums have information about the Syriana premiere, scheduled to take place at Loews Lincoln Square on Broadway and 68th Street beginning at 6:30 p.m. on November 20th. The Alexander Siddig (Bashir) movie will later be feted at a charity event at the New York Public Library to raise money for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

  • Bravo is planning a comedy special about celebrities and their memoirs to air December 15th, including George Takei (Sulu) who will be treated to a comedic performance from his memoir, To The Stars, according to The Futon Critic.

  • TrekWeb repeated The Tonight Show's joke that Takei did not worry that his sexuality might not be accepted by Star Trek fans because, i the words of Jay Leno, "they don't have sex with women either!"

  • And Bill Maher joked on his show that Takei once worried that coming out of the closet would hurt his career, "but then he remembered that he hasn't worked since 1969."

  • A group of writers including Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher) is putting out a collection, Stories of Strength, to raise money for hurricane disaster relief, according to PRWeb.

  • The first season of SeaQuest DSV, with guest appearances by William Shatner (Kirk), Tim Russ (Tuvok) and other Star Trek actors, is coming out on DVD in December, notes TV Shows on DVD. Thanks to Alex.

  • Decipher now has an Enterprise collection area for CCG players, an article on Starfleet weakness and its sequel about hand-crafted timelines.

  • Paramount parent corporation Viacom has reported its third quarter gains and losses, including a $22 million cost from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, notes Yahoo! Finance.

  • Soul of Star Trek has an article on Michael Piller's legacy and the future of Star Trek.

  • The Trades has reviewed the special edition of Star Trek Nemesis on DVD, giving it a B for content and an A- for extras.

  • "People always want to build the computer they see on Star Trek," said Miko Matsumura, vice president of marketing and technology standards at Infravio Inc, in an article on OASIS.

  • And PC World notes that Nvidia too is taking a cue from Star Trek, working on a voice chip that may operate like a communicator.

  • Harry Potter is the greatest fantasy hero of all time, according to WebIndia123, while Mr. Spock was eighth.

  • "Not to be outdone by Star Trek's geek culture movie homage Free Enterprise, Star Wars now has a fan boy centered movie in the works, aptly titled Fan Boy," reports Cinematical.

  • The USS Intrepid has a new trailer for "Heavy Lies the Crown."

  • The Riverfront Times has a feature on musician Jason Vance, whose Captured! By Robots is about a band of robots who unleash rock operas that educate and entertain. The songs, says Vance, are "inspired by and about Star Trek: The Next Generation."

  • Deutscher Star Trek Index has an article in German on the recent Galileo 7 convention.

  • CBS is streaming complete episodes of Brannon Braga's Threshold without interruption on its web site.

  • And Hallmark has its Star Trek Christmas ornaments online, this year including Khan, Locutus, and a light-up Enterprise-A. Thanks to Kevin.

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