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Montgomery On Enterprise Cast Chemistry

By Lisa
November 3, 2002 - 10:50 PM

Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather) recently gave his view on Enterprise's strengths thus far.

"The Chemistry between everybody is what's working best. No question," Montgomery told Starbust Magazine (via Scifi Pulse. "You can tell that we're truly a family and that we love what it is that we do, together, collectively.

"The writing just keeps getting better," he continued. "The way they unfolded all of the different stories and brought the different elements into play, I think it just made sense within the Star Trek universe. People want to see the next cool thing that's going to be invented, that we've grown up with on the other shows, but that are being discovered or invented on Enterprise."

The actor went on to talk about his character on the series, Ensign Travis Mayweather. "I want to learn everything about him," said. Montgomery. "We've touched on a lot of things already. In 'Fortunate Son' last year there were some issues we addressed with his family.

"There is a lot of stuff bubbling just beneath the surface with Travis, I'd definitely like to meet his parents and sister. I'd like to go back to the sweet spot since we only did that in the pilot. You heard Travis talk about the women on Dralax. I'd actually like to meet one of these women on Dralax.

"Whatever it is they want to do with Travis - I want to keep working. I think they're going to create as much as they can for him within the parameters of his being a pilot. And that's fine. I'm going to bring as much of me to him as I possibly can."

More from Anthony Montgomery can be found in the full interview in the current issue of Starbust Magazine, on sale now in the UK. Alternatively extracts can be found online at this page at Scifi Pulse.

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