UPN Releases Photos From Upcoming Episodes

By Caillan
November 3, 2001 - 11:35 AM

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UPN yesterday released a set of publicity stills from three upcoming episodes of Enterprise.

'Breaking The Ice' photo - courtesy Cinescape, copyright Paramount Pictures The first image, courtesy of Cinescape, shows Captain Archer confronting T'Pol in next week's 'Breaking The Ice'. In the episode, Trip discovers that T'Pol has been secretly transmitting messages to a Vulcan ship which has been following Enterprise closely for several weeks. A second storyline involves Mayweather and Reed trapped on a disintegrating comet. 'Breaking The Ice' will air on November 7.

'Civilization' photo - courtesy Cinescape, copyright Paramount Pictures 'Civilization' sees the Enterprise crew going undercover on a less advanced M-Class planet, as seen in the image to the left. Whilst on the planet attempting to uncover the source of a mysterious illness, Archer becomes attracted to an alien woman.

Connor Trinneer (Trip Tucker) recently spoke about the culture encountered in this episode (story). "They really don't have any technology beyond what you'd have in the late 19th Century - clipper ships, that sort of stuff," he said. "But then we discover that somebody down there has technology that is equal to ours, and we check that out." 'Civilization' will be shown on November 14.

'Fortunate Son' photo - courtesy Cinescape, copyright Paramount Pictures Although no official information about 'Fortunate Son' has been released, sources suggest that the Enterprise will encounter an Earth cargo vessel (story). In the image to the right, Lieutenant Reed and Doctor Phlox are seen taking cover next to some cargo containers. The episode is currently scheduled to air on November 21.

Further images from the episodes can be found here at Cinescape. Thanks to Doug Wilson for this!

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