'Body and Soul' News

By Amy
November 3, 2000 - 5:29 AM

UPN have posted the first known photos of upcoming Voyager episode, 'Body and Soul', in addition to their usual synopsis of the episode, which will air on November 15. As hinted in previous interviews and spoilers, the episode appears set to be first straight-up comedy of the season.

This image is copyright of Paramount. When Seven protects The Doctor from Lokirrim captors by harboring his hologram in her body, The Doctor's delight in experiencing human sensations clashes with Seven's strict physical and mental disciplines - and is only exacerbated by romantic advances from the alien captain toward Seven and The Doctor's attraction toward a female alien with whom he works.

For the original synopsis, and another photo, please click here. Please note that the above image is copyright of Paramount

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