Kurtzman And Orci Drop New 'Star Trek XI' Hints

By T'Bonz
October 3, 2008 - 4:29 AM

Doing their best to make sure the story fits with previous Star Trek canon, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman sought to establish the history of both the Enterprise and its crew.

As reported by Wired, Star Trek XI is about beginnings. "It's about how the original crew came together, which was never covered in its entirety by either the show or any of the movies," said Orci. "No one has ever told the story of how the Enterprise set sail."

Even though there was established canon, there was plenty of room where stories could be written about the characters and their pasts. "There are details in canon where the characters refer to their past," said Kurtzman, "but there are wide areas of interpretations and sort of blank spots where you go, 'Wait, I understand this, but how did they get from here to there before they got to that point?' And that's where you have some room."

At times, Star Trek needed a bit more, in the opinion of the Star Trek XI writers. "I want to feel the space, I want to feel speed and I want to feel all the things that can become a little bit lost when 'Star Trek' becomes very stately," said Orci. "which I love about it , but...."

"We have to bring more 'Star Wars' into 'Star Trek," said Kurtzman. "'Star Trek' is often the space equivalent of sub battles, which is what makes it unique and different from 'Star Wars,' so you can't blow that away, either."

"It's somewhere between that the truth lies," said Orci.

Orci admits that fans may find issues with Star Trek XI. " There's going to be a debate when this movie comes out whether or not it's consistent with canon," he said. "We argue that it is. But there's literally nothing we can say about this movie. Even if we think it's not controversial, people will say, 'Oh, that's convenient, they're covering a story that's never been covered before instead of dealing with canon.'"

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