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By Christian
October 3, 2000 - 8:53 PM

Hello World!

Sorry for the lack of any Site Columns yesterday and the lateness today - unfortunately there apparently was a bit of a mix-up in when both Amy and I thought we would be doing the Site Columns. Just to be on the safe side, I'll warn you that 'Unimatrix Zero, Part Two' airs tomorrow, even though you'd have to be living on some island in the Pacific and only just been connected to the internet today to not be aware of that, and in that case I doubt you'd have much use for knowing about the season premiere anyway.

Meanwhile, I can honestly say I'm beginning to dread what will happen when Series V actually premieres. Over at SSW, we're being flooded with lots of 'Andromeda' reviews coming out, and that's before most markets have even aired the first episode. Once the new Star Trek series begins to air, there'll really not be any time left to sleep anymore.

And finally, did anyone else see the short video featuring Rick Berman? This is the first time I've seen anything besides photos of Berman, and I must say he didn't look or sound anything like I expected him to be - in particular, he was a lot more soft-spoken, and he didn't really appear to be at ease with the camera, but I suppose that's only to be expected. His office, if that's what it was, looked great. I do think the video interviews are a great idea from the official Star Trek site - I certainly wouldn't mind if Berman (and of course Braga, and Biller, and the actresses) would appear more often on the site in such clips.

Trek BBS Today

Below are some of the topics currently being discussed at the Trek BBS:

-What makes good acting?

-What could make the final Voyager season perfect?

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Poll Results

Below are the results of the most recent TrekToday poll:

The inevitable: What should happen to Harry Kim's rank this season?
Promote him to Lt. J.G. at the least. 58.9% - (972 Votes)
Just push him out the airlock and have done with it. 25.2% - (417 Votes)
Harry who? 5.6% - (93 Votes)
It should be CAPTAIN Kim by now! 5.3% - (88 Votes)
Keep him as an ensign. 4.7% - (79 Votes)

Total Votes: 1649

Thanks for voting! In our new poll, the last one before we resume the regular per-episode polls, you're asked what your favourite alien race is. Thanks go out to Temis the Vorta for suggesting this at the BBS!

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday would have been the 50th birthday of Persis Khambatta, who played the Deltan Ilia in 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture', had she not sadly passed away now just over two years ago. Also, according to the official Star Trek site yesterday was the birthday of Avery Brooks (Benjamin Sisko), though the IMDB says that is on the 18th of April.

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