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By Amy
October 3, 2000 - 11:20 AM has put, not one, but four new video clips online, with the actors of the three Voyager characters assimilated at the end of last season's finale - Kate Mulgrew (Janeway), Tim Russ (Tuvok) and Roxann Dawson (B'Elanna Torres) - discussing various aspects of the upcoming conclusion. The fourth clip features Rick Berman, also talking about 'Unimatrix Zero'.

Kate Mulgrew and the Borg Queen

Mulgrew (in uniform on the Voyager set):

Who could be the most virulent, violent arch-enemy? Nobody parallels the Borg Queen in this regard, and pitted against Janeway, of course, this is very titillating for the audience (Mulgrew rolls her eyes with a wry smile) - who will win?

Um, I'm sure those with still functioning braincells can gather (typical KM/KJ giggle) the show must go on, but it is none the less exciting, I would posit primarily because it is absolutely beautifully played by Susanna Thompson, a strong and wonderful actress to partner.

Tim Russ on Vulcan Assimilation

Russ (in casual clothes on the Voyager set):

Because the character's alien, and not human, in this case, there might be a difference in the way that all the species that are (a Borg-like noise can be heard off-camera) assimilated are affected by the Borg and how they interact with them, and ultimately the idea is that we all become these clones, and, but I think that in some cases it depends on the physiological, er, physiology of the being, as to how they are responding to these kind of things and I think my character is one of these who might be susceptible to that.Yeah.

Roxann Dawson: Infiltrating the Collective

Dawson (in a pink dress on the Engineering Set):

Well, I think philosophically that's also the point that we're trying to address, is that actually getting inside your enemy's skin is sometimes the only way to defeat your enemy, to understand your enemy, um, conquer and change your enemy, and I think that's in a way what we've been trying to say with this entire story arc that has to do with the Borg.

Rick Berman on "Unimatrix Zero"

Berman (appears to be in an office):

The episode is going to be a wonderful contest pitting Captain Janeway and the Borg Queen against each other. It's going to be an episode where Seven of Nine, while going to Unimatrix Zero, realises that Axum is a former lover that she has sort of forgotten in a sense, and she becomes reunited with him.

And together, the crew of Voyager and Captain Janeway are gonna try to destabilise the Borg Collective and form, hopefully, resistance groups that will cause further destabilisation. But there are a lot of questions up in the air as to whether they're going to pull this off or not.

The actual clips can be found at Major thanks go out to Caillan for transcribing these!

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