Linlithgow Goes Forward With Scotty Tribute

By Michelle
September 3, 2005 - 4:23 PM

Linlithgow, Scotland is moving forward in its plans to refashion itself as the future birthplace of Montgomery Scott.

icWestlothain reported that a monument to Scotty was now a step nearer to materialising, stating that a consultant was developing a plan to create a memorial in Linlithgow.

"The study will investigate a range of options, ranging from a simple wall plaque to a Montgomery Scott room in a local museum with artefacts and displays relating to the character of the actor," said West Lothian enterprise and development committee convener Willie Dunn. He noted that the plan was to attract more visitors to the town already famous as the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots. "Our idea has generated a lot of interest in Linlithgow. Local groups and businesses are already coming forward with their own ideas."

The Daily Record chimed in that original series writer and novelist DC Fontana had confirmed the town's claim. Willie Dunn stated, "Dorothy C. Fontana has confirmed to us there was a reference in her book Vulcan's Glory to Linlithgow being Montgomery Scott's birthplace."

Dunn added that actor James Doohan's son Chris had also confirmed Linlithgow as having the rightful claim. "There have been a few other towns making claims but we have clearly left them several light years behind."

However, not everyone in Linlithgow is ecstatic about the scheme to celebrate Star Trek. The Scotsman reports that another councillor refused to attend a ceremony to unveil a plaque in honour of Scotty. Declared Tom Ker, "We do get our priorities a bit jumbled up...the feeling in the Linlithgow area is that this is just a little crumb being thrown over, for which we will get a little publicity."

Linlithgow's council had previously announced plans to celebrate Star Trek's Scottish connections and space science in the memorial.

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