Hart, Sagan, Burton On Trek's Future

By Michelle
September 3, 2004 - 10:11 PM

"You don't have to tell stories about or even tip the hat to previous Trek characters...all you need is Gene Roddenberry's sense of hope and wonder," former Star Trek: Voyager writer Nick Sagan told the reporter who wrote about the state of the franchise for The New York Times last weekend, expressing the hope that Paramount would take a chance on reimagining the franchise.

William S. Kowinski has published a longer draft of his article in his personal blog, Soul of Star Trek. Kowinski wrote to TrekToday that he wanted to put some of the quotes in better context and to include his favourites, including Sagan's.

"Among the material I didn't get into the article were quotes from Jonathan Frakes...LeVar Burton and Nicholas Meyer, all of whom substantively or (the latter two) actually said: 'I love Jimmy Doohan'", he added in his preface to the article, noting the sense of nostalgia surrounding the weekend's celebration of the retiring Scotty actor.

Burton (Geordi LaForge), who will be directing the third episode in the arc that guest stars Brent Spiner, Burton's colleague from The Next Generation, said that "Star Trek is the one aspect of the popular culture that gets us to think about our nature, and our purpose for being here."

Paramount Television president Garry Hart, who was quoted in the Times article as saying that he did not believe there would be more than one or two seasons' pause between Enterprise and another Star Trek series, also said that he and his colleagues "hope and anticipate that Enterprise will run for a few more years."

Kowinski's original draft of "Star Trek: The Search for Its Soul" is here in his blog. His New York Times article as published in the newspaper is here.

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